Excuse Me While I Rant…

I really wish ESPN would get off LeBron James’ scrotum. I do not give a damn about what “His Majesty” tweets and I’d appreciate it if you don’t waste my texts by sending me his asinine posts. I don’t care about LeBron tweeting about playing in the Melo League vs Goodman League at Morgan St. A game where he got hugely overshadowed by KD’s 59 points, I might add. I don’t care about his facebook page including that altered Cover Girl picture of him. I don’t care about him congratulating Cam Newton on a “Monster game.” If I did, I would follow him on twitter. ESPN get back to sports and reporting the facts. Leave the rest to TMZ or create an LBJN so you guys can talk about your multiple wet dreams involving “King James.” He’s a great athlete and basketball player. We know. The so-called “Chosen One” hasn’t brought home the one thing he needs to solidify his career yet and it’d be great if you stop crowning him and throwing him in our faces when he’s not even doing anything to deserve that relevance right now.

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Posted on September 11th at 5:58 PM
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